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30Jun 17
Best Of Bits – Good Zebra

Best of Bits – Good Zebra

Introducing DUFL Bits partner Good Zebra!  As a seasoned traveler you are quite familiar with the need to fuel your body while in motion – to consume whole foods with…

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20Dec 16
Best Of Bits – BootRescue

Best of Bits – BootRescue

Introducing DUFL Bits partner BootRescue!  Put your best foot forward on-the-go. If you travel regularly for work, just imagine this scenario; You arrive at your destination looking your best, step…

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08Dec 16
Best Of Bits – Drink Tops

Best of Bits – Drink tops

Introducing DUFL Bits partner Drink Tops!  As a DUFL member, we know that you appreciate the finer things in life and the attention to detail that helps elevate any of…

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