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Press Release: DUFL and Golf Digest Online Launch Golf Service App in Japan

Virtual Caddy Service Maintains, Stores, Delivers and Picks Up Golf Equipment at Courses Nationwide

TEMPE, Ariz., June 13, 2017DUFL, the premium travel service that’s changing the rules of business travel, today announced the launch of DUFL Golf in partnership with Golf Digest Online (GDO) Japan, a golfer services organization with over three million members. DUFL Golf now offers exclusive travel services for golfers in Japan, securely storing and maintaining golf equipment like clubs, bags and shoes and delivering golf gear to courses so members can travel unencumbered. DUFL Golf also offers golf items like tees and balls for purchase through the DUFL Store.

DUFL is a popular service with business travelers worldwide. It allows travelers to store their road trip wardrobes in a virtual closet, pack using the app and deliver luggage directly to their hotel, eliminating the hassles of laundering, dry-cleaning, packing and transporting suitcases on business trips. DUFL Golf provides a similar service for golfers; storing, managing and cleaning equipment and shoes, delivering gear to golf destinations, then picking it up after the golf outing concludes for cleaning and storage to prepare for the next round.

Golfers simply sign up with DUFL Golf online or via a mobile phone, and their golf equipment is then picked up and delivered to the DUFL Golf facility where it is securely stored in a virtual locker, saving space in the member’s home. Offsite storage is an especially valuable service for city-dwelling golfers for whom living and storage space is at a premium. Clubs, golf bags, shoes and other equipment won’t be exposed to the elements or vulnerable to rust, corrosion or theft.

To use the service, golfers indicate the play date via the DUFL mobile or web app, select the items to be delivered, order new items like gloves, balls and tees if needed at the DUFL Store, and their gear arrives at the course, leaving golfers free to travel by train, ride a motorcycle, drive a sports car or catch a ride with a friend without worrying about transporting their golf gear. After they’re done playing, members indicate that they’re ready for pickup and leave their clubs at the golf course, and DUFL Golf picks the equipment up, brushes the items and stores them so they’ll be ready for the next tee time.

“At DUFL, we’re excited about offering this new service in Japan in partnership with GDO, which already connects with millions of golfers in Japan,” said Shinji Tsukamoto, cofounder and President, DUFL International. “By working together, we can make golf even more fun and stress-free, and we look forward to expanding our services in the future and providing additional golf equipment through the DUFL Store for member convenience.”

“DUFL has made life easier for business travelers around the world. Now we’re collaborating to make life easier for golfers,” said Nobuya Ishizaka, CEO of GDO. “DUFL Golf with GDO gives customers the ability to manage their golf equipment with just a few clicks, gain more storage space at home and ensure that their clubs and shoes are waiting for them at the golf course, clean and ready to play. We’re excited about expanding our partnership in the coming months to offer even more services.”

The launch of DUFL Golf in partnership with GDO marks a major international expansion for DUFL, which has been in hypergrowth mode since its launch. Find out more at

About DUFL

DUFL is changing the rules of travel – rules like getting to the airport an hour early, paying extra to check a bag, having to wait at the baggage claim carousel, or having to worry about a bag at all. The DUFL app gives frequent travelers the freedom to roam untethered. Our secure, sophisticated platform delivers your bag where and when you need it. With each use your clothing is cleaned how you like it and prepared for your next trip. Get started by downloading the free DUFL app and creating an account or learn more at

About Golf Digest Online Japan

GDO offers a one-stop solution to all of your golf-related needs, including the latest golf news, online reservation to more than 2,000 golf courses in Japan, and an online shop that offers access to a wide-selection of golf clubs, golf wear and other golf-related amenities. To learn more visit


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