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Packing is a drag. 

Whether you’re folding or rolling or simply stuffing 2 hours before your departure time, packing inspires fear and boredom in even the savviest travelers. Somehow, after carefully picking up your dry cleaning and lugging your suitcase through airport security, your clothes still end up a wrinkled mess and that one perfect shirt is always dirty.

Instead of packing, just use DUFL. After you sign up and send DUFL your clothing and toiletries, you can simply scroll through your virtual closet on the app and select the items you want for your trip. DUFL will deliver a neatly packed suitcase of your own clothing to your destination. At the end of the trip, they pick up your suitcase, wash the contents, and store it away until your next engagement calls.

DUFL also has options for sports gear (golf clubs, surfboards) and can set up a corporate account to cover all your employees. And with each packed suitcase, they leave a little gift inside to perk you up after brutal flights.

They charge $9.95 per month for a membership along with $99 per domestic trip (international service is limited and comes with higher fees). But when you factor in the price of laundry, checked baggage, and the convenience of never packing again, DUFL just might be worth it.

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