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No dragging a suitcase around the airport, no jockeying for space in an overhead compartment, no staring at a slowly revolving baggage carousel, and no packing or laundry. Sound enticing?

Overstuffed duffels, exorbitant baggage fees, and lost luggage are all common travel nightmares. In fact, airlines spent $2.1 billion last year to recover and return misplaced bags. To the rescue, a handful of companies that not only will pick up your bags and ship them to your destination but in some cases, even pack and dry-clean your clothes too. Now that’s how to travel in style.

Of course, such rock-star treatment comes at a price. You’ll have to pack your bags well in advance of your trip—in some cases as much as a week. You’ll have to be mindful of timing on the other end, too; if your arrival falls on a holiday in your destination, you could be bag-less for a while. And then there’s the actual dollars-and-cents price: For all their convenience, luggage-shipping services can be seriously pricey.

And yet, when you’re breezing to your gate with nothing more than a paperback and a purse, or sauntering past a tourist-clogged customs checkpoint, all will be forgiven. Try DUFL:


For frequent business travelers, the DUFL service simplifies the process by washing, packing, and delivering your clothes. You’ll be sent a suitcase to pack with your usual items, which the company will pick up, photograph, and store, creating a virtual closet. When you’re ready to travel, use the DUFL smartphone app to select the clothes you’d like to bring from your inventory, and the company will dry-clean, pack, and ship your belongings to your destination. Want more outfits? Send online purchases from retailers like Amazon or Saks directly to DUFL to add to your wardrobe.

Cost: $10 per month for storage and $99 for dry-cleaning and round-trip, three-day shipping. Extra fees apply for weekend deliveries.



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