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DUFL is Easy to Use!

1. Register with DUFL

Download the DUFL app, register and order a welcome kit. DUFL will send you a large suitcase to fill with the clothes you typically wear on the road. When finished, schedule a pick up and the bag will be sent to the DUFL warehouse.

2. DUFL Storage

We will inventory, photograph, clean and store your clothes so that they are ready for your next trip.

3. Schedule a Trip

Enter your destination and arrival date, then pack by tapping on the photos of the clothes you’d like to take from your DUFL virtual closet.

4. Arrive at Destination

Your DUFL will be waiting for you.

5. Schedule a Pick-Up

Ready to go home? Schedule a pick up, affix the appropriate shipping label and leave your bag at the hotel desk.

6. That's It

No unpacking, no laundry, no visit to the dry cleaner. No hassle. The travel concierge you’ve always wanted.

See How DUFL Works

Become a packing pro with DUFL! Our app allows you to pack for a trip in about a minute by entering your destination, arrival date and tapping on the pictures of the items you want to pack for your next trip.

Once your trip is scheduled, our team of professional packers will choose the appropriate size suitcase for your trip. Watch this video to see the way we pack each bag to ensure that you (and your clothes) have the best experience possible.

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