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DUFL Sports is a service that allows you to store your sports equipment in a virtual closet and ship it to your travel destination so that you don’t have to carry it with you!

Call us at 1-844-DUFL-BAG or email us at and we’ll send you shipping labels to affix to your shipping case/cover on your gear and help you coordinate a pickup.

Yes. Once your sports gear reaches the warehouse, we’ll photograph it and add it to your virtual closet. You’ll be able to see your gear in the DUFL app any time you like.

Login to the DUFL app and Schedule a Trip. Enter your destination, arrival date and then select the items you want to take from your closet, then click on submit. That’s it!

Every hotel is different, but most will alert you that a package has arrived for you. In some cases, your gear will be in your room, but if not, many hotels will have the shipment delivered to your room or direct you to the business office.

DUFL costs $9.95 per month for your DUFL Sports Locker. Prices for delivery will vary depending on weight and size of equipment and destination and will be quoted upon request.

Absolutely! Just order a Welcome Kit from the app and we’ll send you a large suitcase to fill with all the items you usually take on the road. We’ll clean, inventory, photograph, store and then deliver those items to your hotel when you travel.

Easy- just call us at 1-844-DUFL-BAG or email us at and we’ll get labels out to you for your gear.

Just call or email us and we’ll get your gear back to you when you need it!

Keep your gear in your DUFL Sports Locker as long as you like; months, years – ski season? It’s up to you.

Easy, you can share DUFL by clicking on the ‘Free Trips’ link in the app. Share on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus or email your friends and colleagues.

Shipping times and prices vary. Average shipping is 3 day ground, however, our concierge team will work with you to determine the amount of time and cost for shipping that works best for you.

DUFL Sports is available in select business hubs in Europe, Canada, as well as Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Sydney, Bermuda, Bahamas and Melbourne. Request a quote in the DUFL app for your international travel and our customer support team will contact you within 30 minutes with pricing.

Email us at and we will be happy to help you.

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