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DUFL is a premium, luxury travel service; a personal valet for business travelers that cares for and maintains their belongings beyond shipping to a single destination. You’ll never have to pack, unpack, do laundry or drag a bag with you through the airport again.

Download the DUFL iOS or Android app, or visit and create an account.

The DUFL welcome kit includes your DUFL suitcase, a welcome letter, instructions, shipping labels, and all of our contact information.

Once you’ve registered in the DUFL app, you can order a Welcome Kit and we will send a suitcase for you to fill with the items you’d like us to store in your DUFL closet, or you can simply pack up items and send them directly to the closet address in the PROFILE section of the DUFL app.

Once your welcome kit arrives, just pack the clothes, shoes, toiletries, etc. that you’d normally take on your business trips. Pack as much or as little as you like. Your clothes will be stored at the DUFL facility in your virtual closet, and since there won’t be size or weight restrictions to worry about, you can send as many clothing items as you like when you travel. You can also include full-sized toiletries, with the exception of aerosols. Once your DUFL bag is packed, simply log into the app and schedule a pick up. We’ll schedule a pick up with FedEx to retrieve your bag.

After your bag is picked up, it will be shipped to our DUFL warehouse for processing. That’s where we’ll have your clothes inventoried, professionally cleaned, and safely stored in your DUFL virtual closet.

Your DUFL welcome kit is free as long as you pack it and ship it back to us within 30 days.

It’s extremely important that your hotel room is registered under the same name as the name you’ve listed in the app for your upcoming trip. The hotel may not accept your bag from FedEx if they do not have a registered guest under the same name.

Easy! To ensure your bag is picked up on time, simply tell us your departure date and request your pick up when you are scheduling your DUFL trip! We’ll make sure FedEx picks up your bag from the hotel the day you requested.

If you don’t enter a pick up date when booking your trip, simply go into the ‘Request Pick Up’ tab in the app and enter your pick up date and location.

If you’ve packed your trip and realized that you’ve forgotten an item or two, and/or want to remove something from your bag or even change your destination address, you can now do that within the DUFL up- right up until the moment our warehouse team starts packing your bag!

Simply login to the DUFL app, go to Edit Trip, select ‘View Details’ and click ‘Cancel Trip’ from the menu at the bottom of the screen. If ‘Cancel Trip’ is no longer available, please contact customer support at 1-844-DUFL-BAG. 

You will be billed on each leg of your trip. For example: After you have packed and scheduled your trip, your credit card on file will be billed for the quoted amount on the trip confirmation screen. When you are finished with your trip and have requested a pick up in the app- your card will be billed for the quoted amount on the pick up confirmation screen and may be adjusted if you used an expedite label.

Call our concierge at 1-844-DUFL-BAG immediately, so that we can attempt to reroute your bag.

With DUFL, you can send as many items as you like to your virtual closet and select only the items you’d like to bring for each trip within the app.  We’ve made it easy to add clothes to your closet. Log in to the app and go to PROFILE to find your closet address and your unique customer code. You can ship us items from home or from your favorite retailer (Nordstrom, Amazon, etc).

Be sure to use your unique closet code and the address we’ve provided and you’ll see them in your virtual closet shortly after they are delivered! (Pro tip: Send us clean clothes. Sending items that are dirty and require cleaning take longer to process and will be subject to an additional cleaning fee).

That’s completely up to you! We’ve given you the ability to sort your items as you see fit. Only want to see bottoms? Just go into your closet, click on Filter at the top of the screen and select the categories that you’d like to see.  Click ‘Done’ when you are ready to view the items. If you click the green circle at the bottom of the screen, you can also select items to create a new packlist or schedule a trip directly from that view. If you want to change your view, click on the filter icon and select all or modify the categories you’d like to see.

A packlist is very similar to a playlist! Packlists enable you to group clothes and/or accessories and then name the group so that you can just click on one packlist to pack all the items. For example, if you always wear the same shirt, tie, socks and shoes with your blue suit jacket and pants, you can group all of those items together and name them ‘Blue Suit’. Then you just select that packlist rather than selecting each individual item. You can also do the same for workout clothes or even climates, trips for a certain amount of days, etc. NYC trip might be the same four pair of pants, shoes, etc. and then you are able to select that packlist rather than choosing all the same items every time you travel.

Our goal at DUFL is to proactively monitor each DUFL shipment and really ensure that the customer has what he/she needs for his/her trip. Fortunately, we really don¹t see very many delays as our on-time performance metric is currently above 99%. However, when delays happen our commitment is to do what is necessary for the customer ­to ensure their trip is impacted as little as possible.

DUFL is an authorized vendor of FedEx, and as such has access and visibility to the FedEx systems that process shipments. We utilize such access to proactively monitor each DUFL shipment in transit; from the moment the bag is first scanned at pickup to the final delivery scan at the hotel or residential delivery location. The DUFL team is fully aware of the status of every DUFL bag in transit and actively works to avoid and overcome any possible delays that might occur. Typical delays due to weather and mechanical issues can be overcome by coordinating with FedEx and expediting the DUFL through the FedEx system, or when warranted, pulling the DUFL from the FedEx network completely and utilizing an alternate delivery network such as a dedicated courier or a next-flight-out provider. Fortunately, we really don¹t see too many delays as our on-time performance metric is currently above 99%.

Customers are also notified in the app (as well as by email/text) when their bag is in transit, has arrived at the hotel, has been picked up from the hotel and when the bag is being processed at the warehouse.

In the event that a potential problem arises with a shipment we do the following:

  1. We contact the customer to notify them that there may be a potential delay and ask the customer if there are any items in their DUFL closet that they’d like us to send on the next commercial flight out. We can get those items to the customer same day (at our cost). Sometimes the customer will simply bring something with them from home as we’ve most likely notified them before they’ve left for their trip.
  2. If the customer has time and would like to purchase something from a nearby store, we will reimburse them. Or, we can also arrange for a courier to pick up a suit or another set of clothes from a department store and have it delivered to the hotel where the guest is staying.
  3. Since we have all the clothing items in the closets inventoried, we are also able to purchase duplicate items for the customer and have them delivered to their hotel.

Again, these occurrences are extremely rare, but we do everything in our power to ensure the customer is taken care of.

Within the DUFL app, you’ll see photos of all of the items in your closet (shirts, pants, shoes, etc.). We inventory your items each time they are shipped to the warehouse and every time they are returned from the cleaners. If something doesn’t match, we will contact you to let you know that an item is missing. You can also see the status of items that are out for cleaning or on a trip.

Our introductory pricing is $9.95 per month for storage and $99 per round trip, per bag (A round trip includes shipping to your destination, return shipping to the warehouse, and all cleaning fees). DUFL has three sizes of suitcases, the largest bag holds approximately 100-128 items. Should you pack more than our largest bag will hold, you’ll be charged $99 for each additional bag. If the RUSH shipping label is used (for shipping less than 3 business days), an additional flat fee of $49 will be charged to the card on file.

3-day shipping is standard shipping for DUFL and included in the flat trip rate of $99. If you need the items in your bag for a trip two days later, you’ll need to use the Overnight shipping label. Expedite charges will be incurred.

Since you can have multiple DUFLs, you may also just schedule a new trip with the clothes that are being stored in your DUFL virtual closet (creating an entirely new DUFL) and ship DUFL #2, while your other bag is being returned, so that standard shipping applies.

Absolutely. We recommend you send enough clothes, shoes, toiletries, etc. to your DUFL closet to support multi-stop or back-to-back trips. For instance, you might send one bag to NYC for a Monday arrival, then have another bag with fresh clothes shipped to Miami on Thursday.

Additionally, if you’re shipping a bag back on Thursday from Chicago, but need to be in NYC on Monday, it is much easier to ship a bag to each location rather than expediting the shipping and cleaning to turn your items around in that short time frame.

Absolutely. Simply schedule as a new trip to your home address.

DUFL ensures the utmost care is taken in washing and handling your clothes. We use an effective and environmentally friendly alternative to harsh solvents such as perchloreothylne. All of the detergents and soaps used in the cleaning of your clothes are non-toxic, biodegradable and odorless, and your clothes will be cleaned with soft water.
The methods used to clean your garment will be dependent on the type and material. We employ the best methods we know of for each individual garment. Garments are inspected while being tagged and written into our system. Sensitive items are “short cycled” and buttons are protected or removed and replaced if need be.

Yes! Now it’s easy to view all of your trip receipts in the app. Simply go to ‘Trips’ in the DUFL App, select ‘Past’ and you will see your past trips as well as all associated trip charges. You can even click on ‘Items’ to see which items you packed for the last trip.

Tell a friend about DUFL and you can give them a free trip on us, and we’ll give you a free trip in return! Just go to the FREE trips section of the app, click on Refer a Friend and share your code with them via the app! Once they take their first trip, we’ll credit your account for a free trip!

The DUFL Store was designed to make it easy for you to order refills of toiletries, purchase snacks, phone chargers, hair dryers, etc. and add them to your closet so that you can take them with you when you travel.

DUFL International is available in select business hubs in Europe, Canada, Singapore, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Sydney and Melbourne. Contact customer support for your international travel and they will provide you with a quote. Please note that all International shipments must be scheduled at least 10 days in advance of delivery.

DUFL is available for International Residents who travel frequently within the US. If you’d like to start a DUFL closet, you can register in the DUFL app and either send your items directly to your DUFL closet address in the PROFILE section of the app, or you can schedule your Welcome Kit to arrive at your U.S. hotel on your next trip. You’ll simply transfer your items to your new DUFL suitcase, log in to the app to schedule a pick up from your hotel and your items will be sent to our warehouse for cleaning and processing. Your items will be ready for your next US trip!

Email us at and we will be happy to help you.

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