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DUFL for Corporations

Be the hero your traveling employees need

For travel managers looking for ways to reduce traveler stress, increase productivity, and retain and attract employees, DUFL is the perfect solution. DUFL saves travelers 3-5 hours per round trip and eliminates all the stress of packing, unpacking, doing laundry and dragging a bag through the airport.

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For more info on how to include DUFL in your travel program click here.

Hotels / Lodging

Offer a unique experience for your guests

For hotels looking for a way to retain and attract loyalty members, DUFL is a unique offering that makes a trip great before the guest even arrives. You strive to create a unique, stress-free and enjoyable experience for your guests, why not eliminate the stress and hassle of packing/unpacking a bag, doing laundry/dry cleaning, and dragging a suitcase with them through the airport and to client meetings, dinners, etc. With DUFL, your guests will arrive less stressed and looking forward to seeing their professionally packed suitcase.

For more info on how to include DUFL in your travel program click here.


Enhance your travel offering and save your clients time and stress

Allow the travelers in your network to take advantage of a service unlike any other. Save them 3-5 hours of time per trip and eliminate the chores associated with travel before they even arrive at the airport. Travelers who use DUFL can pack in about 60 seconds, travel bag-free, and a professionally packed bag meets them at their hotel. DUFL ships anywhere FedEx ships.

For more info on how to include DUFL in your travel program click here.

Our customers tell us that:

  • 84% of users saved 3+ hours
  • 96% say DUFL alleviated the stress of travel
  • 73% say they would be more likely to stay at a company that offered DUFL as a service
  • 97% said DUFL made them more productive and efficient
  • 94% say DUFL is a benefit to employees
  • 67% say DUFL saves them money
  • 55% expense the service
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