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Door to Door Service Insurance Policy

DUFL insurance for your Door to Door delivery is offered through Parcel Insurance Plan. You may file a claim for the lesser of the repair or replacement cost of the package contents, up to the insured value. The insured value is determined by the amount of coverage you selected while processing your order. A damage inspection will be carried out if necessary by DUFL or its shipping partners. Upon review, our licensed insurance providers will make the final determination on if the claim will be approved or denied, along with the final approval amount. All decisions determined by these providers shall be final.

Important: Please do not discard packaging or damaged merchandise until the claims process has been completed. Damaged merchandise must be made available for collection by DUFL or it shipping partner upon request. Failure to provide the merchandise may result in a claims denial or reduced payment. Failure to secure or lock the packaging will result in a denial for lost or missing items.

 THIS POLICY INSURES your packages (defined as a single shipping unit bearing a single carrier identification number) and their contents, usual to your business, against damage or loss from any external cause while in the care, custody or control of our carrier(s) during transit from your stated premises to locations within the United States of America (including its possessions and trusts), EXCEPT as hereinafter excluded. We will not be liable for more than the declared value, actual cash value, cost to repair or replace, or Liability Limit (as purchase by you), whichever is less.


  1. Coins, bullion, loose diamonds or stones, stocks, bonds, currency, deeds, evidence of debt, travelers checks, money orders, gift certificates, calling cards, lottery tickets, or any other negotiable documents.
  2. Loss from delay, deterioration, spoilage or contamination of perishable merchandise except when resulting from fire.
  3. Loss, damage or non-arrival of any package or its contents which (a) is addressed wrapped or packed insufficiently incorrectly or contrary to carrier’s packaging requirements; or (b) bears a descriptive label or packaging which tends to describe nature of contents.
  4. Against loss or damage arising out of dishonesty on the part of the insured or insured’s employees.
  5. Against loss or damage caused by or resulting from: (a) hostile or warlike action in time of peace or war, including action in hindering, combating or defending against an actual, impending or expected attack, (1) by any government or sovereign poser (de jure facto), or by any authority maintaining or using military, naval or air forces; or (2) by military, naval or air forces; (3) by an agent of any such government power, authority or forces (b) any weapon of war employing atomic fission or radioactive force whether in time of peace or war; (c) insurrection, rebellion, revolution, civil war, usurped power, or action taken by governmental authority in hindering, combating or defending against such an occurrence, seizure, or destruction under quarantine or Customs regulations, confiscation by order of any government or public authority or risks of contraband or illegal transportation of trade.
  6. Against loss or damage caused by nuclear reaction/radiation or radioactive contamination, all whether controlled or uncontrolled, and whether such loss be direct or indirect, proximate or remote, or be in whole or in part caused by, contributed to, or aggravated by the peril(s) insured against in this Policy; however, direct loss by “fire” resulting from nuclear reaction/radiation or radioactive contamination is insured against by this Policy. 


  1. To begin the claims processes please send an email to with “D2D CLAIM” as the subject. All claims must be filed within 10 days of the actual or scheduled delivery date. Please include your full name, mailing address, phone number and the date of your shipment.
  2. A claims specialist will review and file your claim within 1-2 business days. If additional information is needed, a claims specialist will contact you by phone or email.
  3. Once your claim has been filed you can expect to receive an update on your claim within 7-10 business days. At this time we will notify you if your claim status.
  4. Once your claim has been approved we will mail your reimbursement check via FEDEX. The check will be sent to the address provided in your claims submission.
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