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Is it magic, or is it DUFL?

Packing from your phone and then having your beautifully packed bag meet you at your hotel may seem like magic, but there are teams of professionals behind the scenes who work very hard to ensure that your belongings are taken care of- from your Armani suit down to your Hanes socks. We treat our every article of clothing in our DUFL warehouses like it’s our own.

Take a behind the scenes peek at our warehouse crew packing a bag for a trip (outbound) and processing a bag after a trip (inbound).

Outbound (Packing)

What happens after you hit confirm after spending a whole 60 seconds in your DUFL app packing for your next trip?

  • Each item that you’ve selected is scanned and pulled from your remote closet and then placed on a rack that’s been assigned to your trip before being moved to a packing station. Items are accounted for during every step of the way when a bag is packed, from the time it leaves your closet until you receive it at your hotel.
  • Your clothes are steamed or ironed to remove any wrinkles or creases that may have occurred while the items were in storage.
  • When we pack your bag, we always have something we call ‘The WOW factor’ in mind. When you open your suitcase at the hotel, we really want you to say ‘wow’! That’s why we very carefully pack all of your items in tissue, plastic, balancing the weight so that items aren’t crushed, and with as few folds as possible to reduce wrinkling.
  • Once the bag is packed, we include all the labels and seal the bag up so that it’s ready for a FedEx pick up. (Pro tip: we include zip ties in the blue folder in your bag in case you want to ‘lock’ the bag by zip tying the zippers together. We also have TSA locks available for purchase if you’re so inclined).

Inbound (Unpacking)

So what happens to your clothes after they get to the DUFL warehouse?

  • Our warehouse team then inventories every item in the bag and compares your original packlist to the contents of the bag, noting which items are new and which items have not been returned.
  • If we notice any damage to an item (like a hole, stain or missing button), we’ll contact you to see if you’d like the item repaired.
  • Items that need cleaning are sent to laundry and dry cleaning, and everything else is placed in your remote closet. We’ll let you know when those items are available for packing.
  • Once the clothes are cleaned they are placed back into the closet, any new items are photographed and added to your digital closet.
  • All items are tagged and scanned through every step of the process, from the moment we open your suitcase to the moment they are placed back in your closet.

So in some ways, it is magic! We digitize your clothes so that you can spend a minute packing from wherever you are and we do the rest. Your perfectly packed bag meets you at your hotel so you can focus on you – and not your luggage!


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