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DUFL Refresh | App Updates

Out with the old, in with the new.
We just launched our updated iOS app and it comes loaded with some very cool new features! If you haven’t already, click here to update or download our app from the iTunes store. Just sign up or log in using your current username and password to unlock the following new features — including a brand new way to earn free trips!

UPDATE 1 | Closet Organization
Keep your closet organized by filtering through different categories. Only want to see your shirts? No problem. Shirts, shoes and pants? Select all three. Filtering makes organizing your closet easy!

You can now edit an item’s details and category — so you can organize your closet exactly the way you want it! Are your teal socks listed as blue? Simply change the text from teal to blue. Have a shirt in the wrong section? Just change the category.

Packlists are like playlists, and now it’s even easier to create one. Group an outfit together by clicking on the green button at the bottom of your closet and select any and all items you’d like to put in that packlist. Next time you travel, just click on that packlist rather than selecting each individual item. Wear the same thing to NYC every time? Create a packlist just for New York.

UPDATE 2 | Scheduling Trips and Pickups
We know you’ll love this new feature! Schedule your DUFL pickup when you schedule your trip. We’ll have Fedex pick up your bag and you won’t have to remember to schedule your pickup as you’re leaving the hotel.

UPDATE 3 | Trip Information
Don’t you hate it when you pack for a trip and minutes later realize that you forgot something? You can now edit your trip details and packlist right up until the moment our warehouse crew starts to pack your suitcase.

You can also view past trip information such as where you stayed, which items you packed, as well as viewing receipts for those trips.

UPDATE 4 | Give a Free Trip, Get a Free Trip
Have friends or colleagues who could use DUFL? Now you can share your personal referral code with them and give them a free DUFL trip. When they take their first trip with us, you’ll get a free trip, too! Just click on the Free Trips tab to get started.

Last but not least…
You will experience very slow image downloads of your closet items the very first time you use the new app. Every subsequent use will be lighting fast. If you’ll give it just a minute to load we are sure you won’t be disappointed!

We hope you enjoy the new features and, as always, feel free to contact us should you have any questions!

Safe Travels,

The DUFL Team

P.S: Android users stay tuned — our new Android app will be available in a few weeks!

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