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5 Travel Hacks You Can’t Live Without

5 Travel Hacks You Can’t Live Without.

Let’s face it, travel these days isn’t as luxurious as it used to be. Expensive flights, smaller seats, bag fees, long security lines and crowded airports can take their toll- especially if you’re a frequent traveler. Even if you think your travel routine is pretty buttoned up, there are some things you could be doing to make it even better. Step up your travel game by trying these 5 travel hacks.

  1. Use a mobile boarding pass
    Ever print your boarding pass only to be turned away at security when the barcode wouldn’t scan? How about losing or misplacing your paper boarding pass while you wrestle with your luggage or grab a bite to eat. Save yourself time and aggravation by taking advantage of the mobile boarding pass option from your airline. If you’re like me, you’ve always got your phone in hand anyway, so save the stress of keeping track of that boarding pass and leave it on your phone where it belongs. This option also has the added bonus that no one will find your old boarding pass and steal your personal data!
  2. Avoid long lines at security with TSA PreCheck
    If you don’t already take advantage of a Trusted Traveler program like TSA Pre, Global Entry or CLEAR, do so now. Unless you’re a fan of waiting in endlessly long lines to clear security, these services cut those wait times down dramatically. Arrive at the airport a little later, knowing you’ll be able to get through security relatively quickly and not have to take off your shoes, laptop and other electronics or wait in long lines at customs.

  3. Skip the packing, unpacking, laundry and bag dragging
    It doesn’t matter who you are, if you travel, you’re just like everyone else when it comes to packing. You have to clean your clothes, pick up dry cleaning, pack and then drag your bag with you to the airport, to your meetings, hotel and then you do it all over again on the way home.

    Unless you use DUFL. Send your clothes, shoes, full-size toiletries, workout gear, golf clubs and anything else you want to have with you when you travel and DUFL will clean, store and ship everything to your hotel for you. Simply pack in the DUFL app in about 60 seconds and save yourself 3-5 hours of time per round trip.
  4. Stay connected and go wireless
    Be productive and stay connected on the plane by using in-flight wifi. Save money with a monthly subscription to GoGo wifi if you’re a frequent flyer and some airlines offer more inexpensive options and even the ability to purchase wifi with miles.

    If you’re trying to be more efficient, use wireless headphones and avoid the tangled mess of cords in your briefcase. Don’t be the guy tethered to the nearest power outlet, use portable power banks to extend the life of your devices – and never worry if there’s an outlet under the airplane seat.
  5. There’s an app for that
    I think we all know by now that there really is an app for just about everything. Download airline, hotel and car service apps to simplify travel. Get alerts for cheaper airfare with Skyscanner and find deals and gain access to airport lounges with LoungeBuddy. Airline apps make it easy to book or change flights, access boarding passes, change seats and find your gate all in one place. Book your room, request an upgrade and check in early at many hotels via their apps, and of course requesting a car as soon as you deplane gets you out of the airport quickly.


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