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A Message from the CEO

As we settle into 2018 I wanted to reflect on the first 2 years of DUFL and the tremendous support we have received from our members. When people asked me about DUFL at the beginning of our journey, invariably, the discussion turned to what type of people use DUFL.  While I struggled to answer that initially, and usually said consultants and sales people were good examples, little did I know then that people from all walks of life would end up using DUFL to make their lives better, easier, and less stressful.

Today I can tell you that DUFL members are doctors, nurses, priests, magicians, hackers, professional poker players, oil rig workers, wind tech workers, world-famous musicians, golfers, tennis players, race car drivers, tv announcers, and executives from many Fortune 500 companies. Oh, and some consultants and sales people! ;-).

As we look forward, we have a very robust roadmap that we believe will make DUFL even better for our member base as far as conveniences go. In the first half of this year, we will be releasing version 2.0 of the DUFL app. The app will add many features that our members have been asking for, plus better usability. A few of the new features will be:

  • Ability to edit a trip after placing an order. This will allow members to go back into a packed trip and add/delete items right up until the time the trip is physically packed by our warehouse associates.
  • Ability to easily organize your closet so that the clothes you wear often together can be stored together (virtually) the way you prefer.
  • A “Past Trips” tab in the main menu. This will allow you to look at past trips and pull up receipts.
  • We are going to make it much easier to share the gift of DUFL in the new app. You will be able to refer your friends/family/coworkers with ease and receive exciting rewards no longer limited to DUFL Bucks. You will have a choice between DUFL Bucks and select clothing and merchandise as our way of saying thank you.

We will iterate the app much more regularly moving forward and would love to hear from our members on features that will make the app better. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please send an email to

What we have learned over the past few years is that we all share a few things. We all travel – whether it’s for business or pleasure –  and that it is always a hassle. DUFL is committed to making travel easier for everyone and we hope you can take the time to tell your friends and family about DUFL!

Thank you for your continued support as we change the way the world travels.


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