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Customer Corner- Mack M.

Mack. M

DUFLhead Mack M. shares some insight on DUFL and how DUFL has changed his travel routine!

1. Name/Title:

Mack- Founder & CEO- Boss Builder

2. How did you hear about DUFL?

I read an article on DUFL in the travel section in USA Today. It was an article on great travel tools everyone should use. I was actually on a business trip in Connecticut when I read it and I went online and signed up right away. The concept was so intriguing to me, I figured I had to try it!

I have never been one to check luggage… I had a horrible experience the one and only time I decided to check my luggage (the airline lost it) so I said to myself “I will never do this again.” So, because of that I ALWAYS carry my bag on. I considered myself a professional packer, however- I always had to leave things out of my bag. One of the first things to go was always my running shoes, and I always would get looks from people on the plane because I was always trying to squeeze my bag in the overhead bin space.

3. How long have you been using DUFL?

I’ve been using DUFL for about 6 months now. Starting in 2 weeks I will have back to back trips for a couple of weeks, and I am looking forward to the stress relief DUFL will give me.

4. How often do you travel?

Between 20-30 weeks a year.

5. What was your travel routine before using DUFL?

Before DUFL I was always trying to find an ideal carry-on suitcase that wasn’t too big or too small. Those things are always $150-200, so that’s not a cheap experiment. I finally found one I loved, but it was the same deal as before- I couldn’t pack the things I needed. I had to fit my training materials in my bag (along with my favorite Yeti tumbler and cup) and by the time I was done fitting all of that in my bag- there was barely any room for my clothes. I would get creative with how to pack my clothing and everything would be wrinkled and a mess. It was a routine I lived with because I had to.

After my first DUFL trip, I realized there was no way I would ever go back to my travel routine before. This is the way to do it.

6. How has DUFL changed the way you travel?

The first thing I had to do was buy more stuff. Which really wasn’t a bad thing- I realized that I had to have enough clothes in my DUFL closet so I could take back to back trips. I had to buy two of my favorite toiletries and two dopp kits, and I had to buy two of my favorite Yeti cups, more charging cords, and just small things I knew I would need. I also realized I could add my work materials to my DUFL closet-  which was cool.

The best part about DUFL is not worrying about lugging a suitcase through the airport. I really don’t have any stress now. I fly Southwest exclusively- I almost never have to fight for overhead bin space- but there’s always that anxiety in the back of my head when I am at the airport waiting to get on the plane. Those days are over for me. The stress relief is unbelievable. It has absolutely changed my travel stress. I also don’t have an excuse not to work out anymore- now I have to work out because I packed my running shoes. It’s a positive!

7. Do you have any pro-tips that you would like to share?

Take advantage of the fact that you can order items online and have them delivered to the DUFL warehouse! It’s nice being able to just replenish my DUFL closet with a click of a button.

It’s also nice to be able to add something to my closet while I’m on the road. I just add it to my DUFL and it gets loaded into my closet.

8. If you could sum up DUFL in one word- what would it be?

I don’t want to sound over the top…. but- it’s a game changer. It’s really a life changer. I spend so much time on the road it makes my life so much easier. Everyone wants to be a road warrior until they are one. DUFL brings the joy back into traveling- flight cancellations, packed flights, and all of the other hassles that come along with being a “road warrior”. DUFL took a huge chunk out of the stress of that- it makes for a business trip you’re not going to dread.

9. What do you like best about DUFL?

I feel like I am royalty. My bags just show up wherever I need it. I feel super spoiled.

If you are struggling to manage your luggage- DUFL is the best thing you can add to your life.

10. What do you do with all the time you save with DUFL?

The convenience and stress relief DUFL gives me is much more important to me than the time savings. I spend the time with my family, I get to relax the night before a trip, and when I get home from my trip I don’t have to deal with unpacking and laundry. I just walk through the door and unpack my briefcase and I am done with my trip.

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