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Customer Corner- Shaun B.

Shaun B.

DUFLhead Shaun B. shares some insight on DUFL and how DUFL has changed her travel routine!

  1. First name/last name/title?
    • Shaun B.
    • Partner, Audit Innovation Leader
  2. How did you hear about DUFL?
    • I read about DUFL in a magazine- I believe it was Oprah. I signed up right away!
  3. How long have you been using DUFL?
    • For over a year! I would say since August 2015.
  4. How often do you travel?
    • All of the time. Seriously, it’s almost weekly.
  5. What was your travel routine before using DUFL?
    • Oh my god! I was not very organized, and I need organization. I used to have a very extensive packing list. Now, I just have a revised one of what necessities I need to bring with me (phone charger, computer, business cards).  Every time I packed I would have this whole process of matching everything, planning outfits, going over scenarios…. Before DUFL came into my life, packing was VERY stressful and would take a long time.
  6. How has DUFL changed the way you travel?
    • Traveling doesn’t stress me out anymore. I pack in the DUFL app a week before my trip and it takes less than 3 minutes. The amount of things I have left to actually bring with me on the plane is very minimal. It’s nice to just get on the plane with my purse.
  7. Do you have any DUFL Pro-tips you would like to share?
    • If you are using your DUFL closet for more than one trip (back to back), you should have three trips worth of clothing in your DUFL closet. Bottom line- keep more things in your closet, that way you have more to choose from if other suitcases are out on a trip.
  8. What do you like best about DUFL?
    • I love that I am sent an umbrella! It’s so handy! (I accidentally kept the umbrella last time and was so upset with myself for not returning it- I called customer service and told them I would return it- and they told me to keep it! It’s my favorite umbrella now!) It’s the little things like that- OH- and the DUFL Bits! I love trying new products and the snacks become really handy to throw in my purse. Also, I love the mental relief the DUFL store gives me… I don’t have to stress out about running to the store if I know my toothpaste is almost out. It’s the little things like that that really make a difference!
  9. If you could sum up DUFL in one word- what would it be?
    • Innovative! but more than that- DUFL is my travel companion! As soon as I arrive at the hotel, I am looking forward to getting my DUFL!
  10. What do you do with all of the time you save with DUFL?
    • I usually would be packing before a trip and it would be cutting into my work time, but instead of packing I can now get more work done! I am able to be more productive!
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