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Customer Corner- Matthew W

Matthew W.

DUFLhead Matthew W. shares some insight on DUFL and how DUFL has changed his travel routine!

  1. First name/last name/title?
    • Matthew W.
    • Hospitalist, Managing Member
  2. How did you hear about DUFL?
    • I read an article in TechCrunch and signed up immediately!
  3. How long have you been using DUFL?
    • Since the very beginning! So roughly 2 years now. It’s been great!
  4. How often do you travel?
    • I travel at least 2 to 3 times a month for about a week at a time. My travel gets booked about 2-3 months in advance, so you could say I have a very full travel schedule!
  5. How has DUFL changed the way you travel?
    • Before DUFL I was unable to pack light. My job consists of about 12-14 hour shifts per day in a hospital. Most of the hotels I stay at offer laundry service but I was always too wiped out to schedule it and wait around for my laundry to get back before I went to bed. As part of my job requirement I have to pack quite heavily. I have to pack my scrubs, clothing, toiletries and some medical equipment. It was always such a pain to get ready for my trips considering everything I had to get together and pack.Now with DUFL it’s so much easier and nice. I can pack as much or as little as I want and I don’t have to worry about doing laundry last minute. It’s such a relief coming back to my hotel room after a 14 hour shift knowing that I don’t have to order hotel laundry.
  6. Do you have any pro-tips that you would like to share?
    • I would say to make sure to plan ahead! Put enough clothes in your DUFL closet for 2 trips if you travel as frequently as I do. And, don’t be afraid to buy more clothes to put in your closet (I bought extra scrubs and white coats to make sure I was covered for all of my travel).
      I do have to say that the DUFL team is very attentive in the rare occasion that I need something faster. The concierge team is so accommodating- it’s nice knowing I have that support if I need it.
  7. What do you like best about DUFL?
    • It’s so nice to have the hard part of my trip handled. Everything is ready to go and clean and folded nicely when I arrive at my hotel- it really gives me one less thing to worry about. My job is pretty stressful to begin with, so DUFL makes a huge difference in my routine
  8. If you could sum up DUFL in one word- what would it be?
    • Convenience
  9. What do you do with all of the time you save with DUFL?
    • I spend more time with my family! I usually try to have 5 days between each of my trips. It’s so nice to just come home from my trip and not worry about doing laundry, unpacking etc.
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