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Customer Corner – Greg H.

Greg H.

DUFLhead Greg H. and winner of our social media challenge shares some insight on DUFL and his tips and tricks for hassle free travel!

  1. First name/last name/title?
    • Greg H.
    • V.P Sales & Marketing
  2. How did you hear about DUFL?
    • I was having dinner with an industry colleague in Las Vegas, and he told me about DUFL. He had used it and highly recommended it. I also read an article on Flipboard about DUFL.
  3. How long have you been using DUFL?
    • I’ve been using DUFL for a year. I read an article, was profoundly interested, signed up, and ordered my welcome kit. I’m not a clothes horse, less is more for me. It took me a while to choose what to send in.The first time I traveled with DUFL was on a big trip to Europe. It was a mixture of business and leisure travel, so I had many different things to pack. I sent everything that I would need to DUFL and told the concierge that I would need a quick turn around. They did an amazing job expediting the setup of my closet. As I wasn’t going to be in only one city, I ordered DUFL bags to meet me at my various hotels in Spain. It was so liberating traveling in foreign countries without needing to haul my bags around! After Spain I had business to attend to in Brussels, Paris, and London. At each hotel I had a fresh set of clothes for each occasion.
  4. How often do you travel?
    • I have been doing corporate business travel for 35 years. I travel every other week. I’m gone usually anywhere from 3 to 7 days every other week. About 4 times a year I do around 14 days.
  5. What was your travel routine before using DUFL?
    • I would take the time to assess how much I need for the duration of the trip, choose the appropriate size bag, and pack only what I needed. I did my own laundry, dropped off and picked up my own dry-cleaning, and had to show up earlier at the airport if I was checking luggage.
  6. How has DUFL changed the way you travel?
    • I don’t need to spend time packing, rearranging items in my suitcase, doing laundry, taking care off dry-cleaning–that’s not my job! On point to point trips, I send multiple DUFL bags with fresh clothes to each of my destinations. The DUFL concierge is a great help!
  7. Do you have any DUFL pro-tips you would like to share?
    • Pack heavy. The nice thing about DUFL is that more is better! This trip I ordered stuff I didn’t know if I would need. It’s clean and folded, if I need it–it’s there, and if I don’t–I send it right back to my closet. That’s one thing I’ve learned, I can easily make sure I have enough. I had three dress up events this past week so I keep a few full suits, ties, dress shirts, french cuff shirts, cufflinks…  what it allowed me to do was be sure I was completely covered, I had more than I needed but I knew I was covered–at a flat rate!Also, DUFL is not just for your business clothes! Some of my favorite things in my closet are my small hiking backpack and trail runners. On my business trip to Las Vegas I had some free time and I wanted to get away from the commotion on the strip, so I made sure to pack my hiking gear and went on a beautiful hike. The trails around Vegas were a great way to unwind after many weeks of business travel. DUFL gave me the freedom to do that, and I loved it.
  8. What do you like best about DUFL?
    • I have neither the time nor the patience to deal with lost luggage. I travel very lightly and I don’t want to check bags. I don’t want to take time at baggage claim, or even worse deal with lost luggage. I can pack more so I have a wide variety of things. From tuxedos, to suits and ties, to casual and outdoor wear; I can have it all available, so when I get to my destination, I have my choices. If I want to go swimming–I have my swimsuit. If I want to go hiking–I have my hiking backpack and trail runners. All I have to do is tap on the things I want.
  9. What do you do with all the time you save with DUFL?
    • I do everything with the extra time that DUFL saves me, and DUFL save me A LOT OF TIME!. The DUFL app is really simple. I can skip checking luggage and waiting at baggage claim. I don’t have to pack! I don’t have to rearrange and make everything fit in my suitcase! That’s not my job!
  10. If you could sum up DUFL in one word- what would i be?
    • “Lifesaver” You have changed the way I travel.


Greg won a FREE U.S Standard DUFL trip by winning our social media challenge! If you want to win a FREE DUFL trip* snap a pic of your DUFL on the road and tag us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram! 

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