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Best of Bits – Spruce & Co.

Introducing DUFL Bits partner Spruce & Co.! 

Have you ever thought about all of the places your phone goes with you during the day? If you’re like us – you bring your phone with you to work, to the gym, to the kitchen, on your flight when you travel, and probably even to the bathroom! When was the last time you cleaned your device?

The typical smartphone user in the US has a phone screen that’s 18x dirtier than a public toilet seat, and most people don’t even think about the fact that we should clean them! Well, we think that’s disgusting – which is why we started Spruce & Co – our wellness-focused consumer products startup.

We’re creating simple products to help maintain everyday healthy routines – and that starts with keeping your screens clean! Our screen cleaning wipes are specially designed to keep your phones, tablets, computers and glasses shiny and bright. They are plant-based, vegan, free of alcohol, ammonia and fragrance, and made in the USA.

How did we get inspired to start sprucing things up? We met during our first year at Harvard Business School. As students, we were both excited by the prospect of starting our own company and would spend tons of time brainstorming ideas together. We found ourselves in class observing each other’s compulsive need to clean our hands, desks and phones. Prior to this, we each had specific experiences with what we like to call “tech hygiene.” Jill R was a classroom teacher with iPads in her classroom – constantly filled with saliva and Cheetos stains. Jill A ruined her iPhone speaker after dousing a bit too much hand sanitizer onto her screen!

After researching the market, we saw a real opportunity to develop a new consumer products brand – starting with gentle cleaning products that are safe for our devices. We wanted to create a product that we felt good about sharing with others – whether our coworkers or a toddler using their parent’s smartphone. We officially launched Spruce & Co in 2014 while still at Harvard Business School; taking advantage of the amazing resources on campus, and participating in fellowship programs and venture competitions to help us with initial funding.

It was important for us to create a company that keeps consumers (and their changing habits and preferences) top of mind. We care about the ingredients we source and where our products are manufactured. We also hope that our colorful and fun packaging will help brighten up your day.

The screen cleaning wipes are our first product and we have several more in development slated to launch later this year – so stay tuned!

To that – we are all about trying to make your life a little brighter by providing simple everyday products. And that’s why we love DUFL! DUFL simplifies your travel and makes the packing and airport experience stress-free (yes please!). Spruce & Co + DUFL definitely have some shared goals around cleanliness and simplicity.

We are so excited to collaborate as a DULF Bits partner to help spruce up the experience even more by providing Sprucies – our plant-based screen cleaning wipes – to DUFL users. In addition to finding your fresh, clean and neatly packed clothing in your DUFL, you can now use our screen cleaning wipes to make your phone, tablet, computer or glasses shiny and bright.

Less than one year into our launch, our first product – screen cleaning wipes – were named by Travel + Leisure as one of the “Best Travel Products of the Year.” We are excited to continue our growth into the travel space, and help every DUFL user keep their devices a little bit spruced up!

For more information on Spruce & Co visit their website and don’t forget to snap a pic of your DUFL on the road (and include your Spruce & Co. DUFL Bits bag) and tag us on Social Media to be entered to win a free trip!*

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