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Customer Corner – Laird Popkin

Laird Popkin

DUFLhead Laird Popkin shares some insight on DUFL and his tips and tricks for hassle free travel!

  1. First name/last name/title?
    • Laird Popkin, CTO
  2. How did you hear about DUFL?
    • A good friend and co-worker who travels quite a bit recommended the service.
  3. How long have you been using DUFL?
    • About two months
  4. How often do you travel?
    • Multiple times a week
  5. What was your travel routine before using DUFL?
    • The day before a trip is full of washing, picking up dry cleaning, packing and double-checking.
  6. How has DUFL changed the way you travel?
    • Traveling is much less stressful. Traveling with no overheard or checked luggage saves time, money and stress of worrying about whether the storage space fills up.
  7. Do you have any DUFL pro-tips you would like to share?
    • Keep enough of everything in your DUFL virtual closet for 2-3 overlapping trips. Packing multiple sets of toiletries (mouthwash, tooth brush, toothpaste, etc.), each in their own case, makes it much easier to set up DUFL, because you can select a kit per trip, rather than having to make sure that you pick one of each thing that you need. And pack a bathing suit (wrapped in a towel), because a hot tub makes a very nice end to a long day. And the towel around the bathing suit keeps the rest of your stuff dry.
  8. If you could sum up DUFL in one word- what would it be?
    • Stress-reducer
  9. What do you like best about DUFL?
    • I love the feeling of opening up DUFL and my suit, shirts, etc., are all clean and folded and ready to wear.
  10. What do you do with all of the time you save with DUFL?
    • Play with my kids.
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