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DUFL- It’s Not Just For Clothes.

Bill Rinehart- Founder & CEO

Like many of you, I store a lot of sports equipment in my home that I only use when I’m traveling. I live in the desert, yet I have fly fishing gear in my garage.

I take that gear with me a few times a year on fishing trips with my buddies, paying for the extra luggage, dragging it through the airport, in the car with me and back home where it goes right back in my garage. After I started DUFL, I realized that keeping that equipment in my garage was silly. I don’t fly fish in the desert, why did I need to keep it at my house. It was time for DUFL Sports.


Business travelers aren’t the only people dealing with the hassles of traveling with items they’d rather not carry with them – now DUFL Sports helps active travelers, by storing, inventorying, photographing and delivering their sports equipment. We’ve got customers who use DUFL for their business attire and their sports equipment, and some who simply take advantage of the Sports locker.

Whether you’re a triathlete, an avid skier, golfer, or someone who likes to extend their business trips and enjoy some active leisure time, DUFL Sport is a great way to take a little bit of the work out of your active lifestyle. Send us your gear and we’ll put it in a DUFL Sports Locker which you can access from the app, and tell us where and when you’d like to ship it and we’ll get it there. DUFL Sports is priced very competitively, just call us for a quote before you ship and we’ll give you a few options for shipping times and prices.  

Now you can not only save yourself the time you spent packing, but you can get to your travel destination without breaking a sweat before you actually start your workout. Find out more at

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