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How much time do you save with DUFL?

Did you know that the average business traveler with a carry-on bag spends about 5.5 hours of their personal time preparing and managing their luggage per round trip?

Think we are exaggerating? Think again! Running back and forth to the dry cleaner, doing laundry, packing and getting to the airport early so you can get that bag in the overhead bin above your seat takes upwards of 5 and a half hours of your life. That’s just if you are carrying-on your bag. If you are brave enough to check your bag- that number jumps up to 6 and a half hours (thank you baggage claim).

Let’s put this into perspective:

If you travel for business 2x a month with a carry-on bag you waste 5.5 days a year preparing for your trip. 3x a month with a carry on bag jumps up to 8.25 days per year. Up that to almost 10 days if you check your bag. Do those numbers seem high to you? Maybe you send your laundry out and it doesn’t take you as long to prepare, go ahead and cut that number in half. Are you still ok with wasting up to 96 hours of your life per year preparing and managing your suitcase. Guessing there are a lot of other things you’d rather be doing with your time.

DUFL isn’t just about convenience. Your time is valuable and we want to help you get that time back. No laundry or dry cleaning. No packing. No baggage claim. No hassle.

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