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Welcome to DUFL!

Bill Rinehart, Founder & CEO, DUFL

I’m excited to tell you about a new service for frequent business travelers called DUFL.

DUFL is a premium luxury travel service- a travel valet- that stores, cleans and delivers your professionally packed clothing from your DUFL virtual closet to your destination. What does that mean? It means you don’t have to spend your weekends cleaning and packing. It means you don’t have to drag your bag through the airport, rush to board the plane first in order to get your bag in overhead storage or waste your time in baggage claim. It means you don’t have to take your suitcase with you to customer meetings or dinners because you couldn’t drop it at the hotel before your day started moving 100 miles an hour. It means freedom.

I can tell you personally, as a DUFL user and reformed frequent traveler who has carried my bag all over the planet, that I don’t miss having to do any of those things. I developed DUFL after a painful trek late on a Friday from London back to my home in Arizona. I lugged my bag with me in an Uber, on the train, through the airport, on the plane and back home, dreading all the cleaning and packing I’d be doing over the weekend so I could be back in New York on Monday.

It amazed me that logistics had developed with the innovation of GPS on smartphones and then accelerated when apps came on to the scene, yet we’ve been traveling with luggage the same way that we did decades ago. Think about it- Uber and Lyft can pick you up wherever you are standing, Amazon can deliver goods to you the same day you order them. Shyp can arrive at your home or business and package and ship items for you. Washio will pick up laundry from your house, clean it and deliver it back to you. Yet the manual process of packing, cleaning and traveling with luggage remains exactly the same. Nothing about airline travel and baggage hassles has changed with the exception of smaller seats, less overhead space for luggage and more people traveling now than ever before.

I was convinced that there should be a service to securely store, clean and deliver my clothes to my hotel for me, but after doing some research I could only find luggage forwarding services. And the idea for DUFL was born.

I worked with my co-founder AJ McGowan (who happened to be on that same trip from London to the US to New York in three days) and we built the team and technology that is now DUFL. Now you can send your clothes to your virtual closet – and you can view all the items in your closet from your smartphone app (think about it – can you see what’s in your closet at home while you are at work)? I’m guessing the answer is no, but that’s not the case with your DUFL virtual closet. When you need to travel, schedule a trip in the app, pack virtually by selecting the items in your closet and your professionally packed bag will meet you at your hotel. You’ll send it back to us when you are ready to head home and we’ll clean and process everything so that it’s ready for your next trip!

I am excited for you to change the way you travel. With DUFL, you get something valuable back – your time. No more packing. No more hassle. No more stress.

Wheels Up!
– Bill

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